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The 25 Best Albums of 2005

yeah, i know everyone does this and no one cares, but i'm big on making lists. so here it is.

1. Illinois by Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens came from out of nowhere to be the biggest blip on the indie rock radar this year. Sufjan wins the Songwriter of the Year award.

2. Aha Shake Heartbreak by Kings of Leon

The Kings of Leon's southern rock balls to the walls style has only improved on their second record. A great album all the way through, with no filler whatsoever. 2005 was the year of great sophmore albums.

3. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are a band that really wowed me. Unsigned, they delivered one of the best albums of the year. Sounds like David Byrne if he grew up listening to R.E.M. Win the New Band of the Year award.

4. X&Y by Coldplay

Screw all of you haters first of all. Coldplay delivered their third amazing album this year, and they prove that they can write ballads better than any band ever could. And yes I mean that.

5. Silent Alarm by Bloc Party

Bloc Party is another band that just popped out of the indie rock sky. The precision in their playing is unmatched. Wins most Intense Album of the Year Award

6. Z by My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket really developed as a band with this album. Z makes me wonder why more bands don't make chilled out nice albums anymore.

7. You Could Have It So Much Better by Franz Ferdinand

I really had my doubts with this album. My ass was rocked off by their debut, and frankly I didn't think they could follow it up. And they proved me wrong so elegantly. Damn those Scots.

8. Demon Days by Gorillaz

When I first heard the Gorillaz, I hated them just because it meant Blur was over. 4 years later, they are in my top ten. Really great, organized album. Alot of fun.

9. Late Registration by Kanye West

Kanye has the only rap record in my top 25. Common came close, but Kanye reminds us indie rockers that rap is ok too, so long as the subjects are deeper than bitches and ho's. Great music, this guy knows how to make samples work for him.

10. Oh No by OK Go

This album is so good. If I had listened to it more, I'm sure it would have been higher than 10. Talk about maturity, this definitely wasn't expected after their "intentionally overproduced" first album. Damian Kulash wins Singer of the Year award.

11. The Magic Numbers by The Magic Numbers

This is one soulful record. Great songwriting and harmonies. Great to just hang out to. This was another really really great debut album. Close close second to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah for best new band.

12. Twin Cinema by New Pornographers

You want catchy indie pop, do ya? Well A.C. Newman and the rest of The New Pornographers give you just that... and more. Canadians are just born good musicians, I guess. You gotta love the Brian Eno sounding guitars too.

13. Plans by Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab always releases a good album, and on their 6th, you would think at least one would suck, but no. With a seamless major label debut, they tell us they are here to stay, and that they matter now more than ever.

14. Gimme Fiction by Spoon

This may very well be Britt Daniels' masterpiece I like this even more than Girls Can Tell, which I thought was a masterpiece as well. Lets just hope his songwriting keeps getting better and better.

15. The Alternative to Love by Brendan Benson

Another singer songwriter, Brendan Benson, released a record so good, that I was actually jealous the first time I listened. He recorded all of it at his house, I believe, and it is so perfect. Cold Hands (Warm Heart) wins Song of the Year award. Last I heard, he is making a band with Jack White called The Raconteurs or something. That should be pretty awesome.

16. Some Cities by Doves

Doves have been around for a while, but Some Cities is what brought them to my attention. Keep an eye on these guys in the future. Black and White Town is a close second for the best song of the year. Maybe.

17. Thunder, Lightning, Strike by The Go! Team

Now people say this sounds like Belle & Sebastian on speed, and I mostly agree with that, except that it is more happy and fast and there is a rapper. Cool.

18. Guero by Beck

Yeah, we all know and love Beck. Another solid release, getting away from Sea Change and more towards Odelay. But why Beck, why?

19. Elevator by Hot Hot Heat

More Canadians! Great all around album, I hope these guys start getting the attention they deserve. Very fast album too.

20. Love Kraft by Super Furry Animals

This album is the most chilled out album released by a rock band this year. God, it is so good. You need to own this, no matter what.

21. Trouble Is Real by Johnathan Rice

The song My Mother's Son should be enough evidence to prove that Jonathan Rice deserves the Debut Singer/Songwriter of the Year award... and then you hear the rest of the album. Wow.

22. Apollo Sunshine by Apollo Sunshine

If albums like this were made everyday, World Peace would be achieved. Yes, that's a bold statement, but try it and you'll see I'm right. Now where's my Nobel Prize?

23. EP by The Fiery Furnaces

Way way way better than their later release of 2005, Rehearsing My Choir. EP is listed as an EP, but it really qualifies as a full length album. Very fun. Very synthy. Let's dance.

24. Get Behind Me Satan by The White Stripes

Elephant was better by a long shot, but then again, this is still better than most other band's albums. If only I wasn't tricked by the single into thinking it was a more rocking album. Oh well, Blue Orchid is damn good.

25. Set Yourself On Fire by Stars

This is a pretty album. In the same way that nature and girls are pretty. You are never quite sure how it is crafted, but it is crafted wonderfully and beautifully.

well there you have it folks...
lets see what 2006 has to offer us.
should be interesting.


You and Me are Floating on a Tidal Wave, Together

Artist: Coldplay
Album: X&Y
Release: June 7, 2005
Label: Capitol

1. Square One - 9.4 - What a great great song. They start off the album with a bang, with this being one of their most rocking songs ever.
2. What If - 8.9 - He's at it again, balladeering like the balladeer he is. This is up there in the ranks of The Scientist, in my opinion.
3. White Shadows - 9.5 - What is this? Coldplay rocks it again. I honestly wasn't expecting them to rock out on this album, I thought it would be much more of a chilled out experience, but they prove that they are darn good at rocking it.
4. Fix You - 10.0 - Yeah, that's right 10.0. This song is incredible. The emotion put into this song is enough to make any hater rethink themselves. In my opinion, this is one of Coldplay's best songs ever, even if it isn't as radio-friendly as Clocks.
5. Talk - 9.0 - The fact that they used a Kraftwerk riff on this song will be all anyone ever talks about when they hear this song. Unfortunately for Kraftwerk, this song is better than their own, Computer Love. I'll probably be hearing this on the radio sometime this summer, unless royalties become an issue.
6. X&Y - 9.5 - The pressure is on when you name your album after a track featured on it. Coldplay does not dissapoint here. The string chords are excellent. And oh yeah, the part with "you and me are floating on a tidal wave, together" is gorgeous.
7. Speed of Sound - 9.2 - The first single released from this album. Yeah, this song will remind you of Clocks, but is that a bad thing? Don't let that loom over the fact that it is a good song. Chris Martin is pretty awesome at hook-writing. Oh yeah, and about the whole Clocks thing, look at it this way. They wanted it to be like that. Drummer Will Champion said (before anyone heard the single) "There are songs that kind of pick up where 'Clocks' left off, but also ones that have moved on a bit."
8. A Message - 8.5 - Nice, nice ballad. Starts acoustic and picks up some speed and then slows back down towards the end. I really like the chorus.
9. Low - 8.6 - A little more rocking, this reminds me of the last couple tracks off of "A Rush of Blood to the Head" Chris Martin's falsetto is god-like.
10. The Hardest Part - 8.0 - This was probably my least favorite song on the album, but it still is great. It is just in some excellent company. I love the guitar thing at like 1:54.
11. Swallowed in the Sea - 9.3 - It sounds like a hymn, starting off. Another strong ballad, I like the lyrics for this one alot, though not nearly as much as Fix You.
12. Twisted Logic - 9.9 - The best of the rocking songs on this album, the guitar riff reminds me of some late Jeff Buckley stuff. Maybe my favorite chord progression on the album. Maybe and the climax at the end just owns. Coldplay has finally figured out how to end an album perfectly.
13. 'Til Kingdom Come (Bonus Track) - 8.1 - Nick Drake has reincarnated himself as Christopher Martin on this song. A simple acoustic ballad, Coldplay reminds us that they haven't forgotten their roots, no matter how much they progress.

Track Score: 9.1
Album score: 9.7
Overall Score: 9.3
Average Critic Score: 6.8

I personally think that this album is amazingly underrated by critics. Also in my opinion, i think that this is the best album of this year, by far. Coldplay is back, and there is no denying that they have progressed and matured as a band. Each time I listen to this it gets better. I definitely recommend getting up right now, walking to your car (bike, moped, motorcycle, shoes, whatever) and buying this album. It is absolutely wonderful.


Daft Punk is Playing at My House... But LCD Soundsystem Isn't

Artist: LCD Soundsystem
Album: LCD Soundsystem
Release: January 24, 2005
Label: Capitol

Disk 1
1. Daft Punk is Playing At My House -9.3- One of the best songs on this cd, in close contention with "never as tired as when i'm waking up." I never thought anyone could make three chords this interesting. His delivery (singing) on this song is awesome.
2. Too Much Love -6.1- This is probably what Moby would write if he was cool. This song loses me after a few minutes though. The dissonance is cool, however.
3. Tribulations -7.6- This is pretty synthy and dancy. Cool vocal melody.
4. Movement -8.8- This is what The White Stripes would sound like if Jack White played a synthesizer. Makes you tap your foot.
5. Never as Tired as When I'm Waking Up -9.4- Great song. He shows a different side of his song writing abilities on this song. Sounds like it should be something off of The Beatles' White Album.
6. On Repeat -4.5- Oh my god, this song is too long. It has cool ideas, but it gets so boring. Some one had a little too much fun looping.
7. Thrills -5.0- I like the bass thing. I don't like the vocals, they seem too far away and hard to hear and boring.
8. Disco Infiltrator -7.8- Very fun song. A song where a white guy says "fo' sho" is always fun. "Stop! You can't shake the waster!"
9. Great Release -7.3- Woah! Is that... PIANO?! Nice chord progression, reminds me alot of the song "Transatlanticism" by Death Cab for Cutie.

Disc 2
1. Losing My Edge -5.6- Hmm. He is just talking. He starts talking pretty fast towards the end, but I think he is just saying random stuff.
2. Beat Connection -6.3- Cool drum rhythms. Kind of crazy synth stuff later. Turns all 1970's Herbie Hancock-like halfway through.
3. Give it Up -8.9- Yay! Another fun dance song without being overloaded with polyrhythmic synths. The only real bright part of this disc.
4. Tired -6.8- Sounds like you are standing on the street in front of a club where a band is rocking out... you can hear it, but it is kind of muffled.
5. Yeah (Crass Version) -7.4- A disco-like dance song. It eventually builds up to something good. The synth part that is at the very end of the song rules.
6. Yeah (Pretentious Version) -4.2- Holy crap. Pretentious is right. This is a longer, instrumental version of the previous song. He should have just left it off the album.
7. Yr City's A Sucker (Full Version) -5.2- Yeah, it gets pretty boring pretty quick, this is definitely a song to listen to while driving and zoning out.

Track Score: 5.6
Album score: 6.9
Overall Score: 5.9
Average Critic Score: 8.5

I don't personally think that this album is worth the money, seeing as there is only a handful of good stuff. If those songs were thrown onto a disc without all the filler, the album would have been ALOT better. I also think this album was WAY overhyped. I bought it thinking it would rock me, but it just didn't.

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